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How to Add Featured Slider in Blogger Template

how to add featured slider blogger template

Featured slider in blogger template is always a nice feature to have in any blog, through which a blogger get to show their special post to the user. It also allows visitors to iterate these post easily. Featured Section can be anything likes Slider, Carousel, Special Grid etc.

How to Add featured Slider Blogger Template

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Bt-Slider Widget.
  • Just Use “featured” ( without quotes).
  • Click Save

All you have to do is just add the “featured” (Without quotes ) in featured slider widget and you must have label of named featured for the post you want to show in slider and make sure your blog is set to Public.Please follow the screenshots below:

Step 1: Click on Edit



Step 2: Add The word Featured in Widget

feat-wid slider widget layout

Step 3: Add The label in your post named “featured”


Note : The steps given above will work in all bthemez blogger Template.

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  • This doesn’t seem to work for me, I’m afraid. I followed these steps which didn’t work, I then tried editing the HTML as you say to do in your “disappearing widget” troubleshoot post but I still have no slider just a gap where one should be.

    • Krissia Portorreal

      Hello, I was breaking my head because did not work the slider and as I don’t know much English. But the issue was that my blog was private, when I put it public sale slider perfectly. Try to see it as such.

      • bthemez

        Yeah, Some scripts won’t work when blog is set to private. Switching to public can solve most of the template issues.

  • Noemie Roui

    I install elegance version, I followed theses steps but it doesn’t work. I haven’t featured Slider in my blog. Can I have some help ?

    • bthemez


      your blog url would be helpful to check out the problem.
      please share it.

  • Hi,

    I’ve also installed the Modern template, and this feature doesn’t appear to work in mine either?

    My website is

    • bthemez

      you need to add label in posts as well. It will work after that

      • Hi,

        Thanks for replying. I’ve already added the “featured” label to my posts, and have also edited the HTML – to show “true” like mentioned in one of your other posts.

        Sorry I’m stuck!?

      • Hi,

        I’ve already included the ‘featured’ label in my posts, but it doesn’t work still?

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to create a recent posts slider instead of a featured post slider. Do you have a tutorial on that?

    My blog is at

    • bthemez


      Your Blog Theme is using different script then what we do. But i have checked and the slider is showing the recent post already.

  • Fabiola Harford

    Here are my issues:
    1 – The slider is not showing at all, despite the label “featured”
    2.- I am a little hesitant about the reference to you site on the Main Navigation MegaMenu, should I replace them with my blog address.
    3.- Unable to unlock the side bar and you only provided instructions that for the premium version but the full version is listed and advertised as free on the site. Should we contact them to fix the displayed version?


  • Araphotz Del Rosario

    Hello! The featured Slider is not showing up. Please help:

    • bthemez

      did you add the label featured in the post?

  • Dita Soehardi

    llo! The featured Slider showing up, but not the picture, but pic with “?” , please help, thanks

    • bthemez


      Go to setting and set the blog feed to full. It’ll be fine after that

  • Erin Pernick

    so, my slider stopped showing up?

    • bthemez

      Blog url?

  • i need a responsive blogger slider (

  • Viral Tube

    check my blog slider

  • MG

    Hello here’s my blog the slider won’t work, I already put the “featured” label in my posts, and followed all your steps, but still it won’t work, please help me with this, I really need to fix this issue right on, thank you! Using the Alice template btw

  • My slider doesn’t show completely, Please advise on what to do

  • MG

    Hello, I’ve followed all the steps and still it won’t work. Please check out my blog, I really need your help:

  • mohamad hadi

    my blog in this address . Slider Post Widgets is not work good . my my language is persian . my language is written from right to left .
    in blogger dashboard language and Formatting select Language is english everything is ok . but select my language persian Slider Post Widgets is not work . whats
    How do I solve this problem ؟

  • hi! installed Blush yesterday got almost everything to work except for the slider doesnt move automatically please help

  • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

    Hi featured slider just not working for me at all, blog settings are public, have followed all the other steps: blog url: