Modern Grid Blogger Installation Guide

Modern grid Responsive design blogger Installation guide

Modern Grid Blogger Installation Guide is to help you understand how you can easily your blog setup beautifully like our demo. A step to step guide so you can set up all our custom blogger widgets featured slider, homepage styles, undefined problem, Instagram Widget and many other social Widgets.

First of all, Thank you for Downloading our Modern Grid Blog Theme if you haven’t done yet don’t worry you can get the free version from here : Modern Grid Blogger Template. You check the live demo through the button below. Please Read this documentation carefully in order to set up your blog and please note that there’s no support for free users.

We also Provide Blogger Template Installation Service For those who don’t want to all the steps below and want to have this Stunning Modern Grid Blog design Which you can get it from the below button.



Modern Grid Blogger Installation Guide Steps:-

1. Backup & Uploading

  1. Unzip the zip file.
  2. On Blogger Dashboard Click Template.
  3. Click on Download Full Template to keep your old template.
  4. Click Browse… button. Find where the “preium-blush-final.xml” file location.
  5. Then Click Upload.
  6. Edit mobile Preview. (follow images)

Blogger template installation Backup/Restore Image


Blogger Mobile Setup Image

2. Modern Grid Blogger Installation Guide & Blog Setting

After installing the theme, there are minimum settings to make all widgets work fine in this template.

  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Settings.
  2. Click Other.
  3. In Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed Choose Full.
  4. Then Click Save settings.

Blogger Blog Feed Image


3. Setting Up Meta Tags

For SEO Purpose, Meta Tags are very important for your site. Google Search Engine robots use this tags to index better and display better on the search result.

If you don’t know what these tags are and how you can use it in theme. Just follow this simple guide, we recommend you to use free Meta Tag Generator online tool to generate your Meta tags.

Meta Tag Generator Image

  1. It’s very simple, all you have to do is visit the link above and fill all the necessary details that describes your site and what keyword you want.
  2. Click Generate Meta tags.
  3. Copy all generated code & paste in your template head section. we have leave the space for that.
  4. Then Click Save Template.

4. How to solve Blank Post Problem

If you the template is installed successfully and you see blank posts when on homepage, then you need to add Google+ profile to your blog.

1. Just go to blogger setting
2. Then in Post setting and add your google+ profile there.

5. How to solve undefined Problem

If you’re seeing undefined undefined undefined in date area, then please follow the steps here to solve the blogger undefined problem.

6. Main Blogger Setting


  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  2. Click Edit on Blog Posts Widget.
  3. Change it to look like that image.
  4. Click Save



7. Main Navigation MegaMenu


image for blogger megamenu

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Menu Widget.
  • Add The Following Code.
  • For More Information- Watch Video Below


Follow the steps shown in a video. Below code is just for MegaMenu. It’s a simple li markup. all you have to do is just simply copy the below code and paste it in menu code.

Blogger Label For menu



8. Hide/Show Sidebar on Homepage

When you first install this theme, you’ll see Modern Grid Style with no sidebar. By Default sidebar is Disabled from the homepage . But you can easily Enable it with Our Theme Options Panel.

This feature is available on premium version only

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Show Sidebar (Default N )
  • To Show sidebar just type “y” (without quotes)( Note: Make sure it will be small y not capital.
  • And To Hide it again just type “n” (without quotes)( Note: Make sure it will be small n not capital.
  • Click Save.


9. How to Add featured Slider

Head over to our how to add a featured slider small guide. You’ll be easily adding amazing featured slider in your blog.

10. How to Change featured Slider Styles

As you may know, this modern grid blog has two slider styles one is Simple Default Slider Design and the Other One is Premium Slider Style.(Premium Feature).

If you don’t see any theme option widgets, to change homepage styles and slider style widget. Then follow this guide to solve blogger layout problem.

Simple Default Slider

It is default layout when you install the theme for the first time this is the style that would show up on the homepage.

Modern Gird simple slider

Premium Slider Style

This Slider Style is available in Premium Version of Modern Grid Blogger Template. Not Available in Free Version.

Modern Gird premium slider

Modern List Style– TO Activate This style you need to add our “style2” shortcode in Hompage Style widget from layout section.

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Slider Styles Widget.
  • Just Use “style2” ( without quotes).
  • Click Save.

amazine modern style widget


11. Social Widgets

Get the Code for social widget from our Blush Blogger Template Installation. This theme has all the social widgets you need like facebook widget, 2 Instagram styles, Twitter Widget, Pinterest widget and Many More.

You can find the all the sidebar widget code on Social Blogger Widgets section on above link.

12.How to Add social links

With Our Modern Grid blogger template, you can easily add any type of social links in Footer area.


  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on top-social-foot & top-social-home (Social Link) Widget.
  • Change it according to your needs. Add name of the link and link url then click add Link
  • Click Save.
  • You can find social site name here : Font Awesome Icons
  • Just Search For Particular Social And Add that in Site Name Section

For Example if you have to add “facebook” icon then just add facebook in name of New site name section and below add url of that particular site.

social link widget image


13. Instagram Widget For Footer

To show Instagram photos on your blog you need to generate the access token for Instagram, we have provided a guide in depth so you can understand. Here’s how you can add instagram widget in blogger.

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  • Jagoda Jasicka

    Hi, I have a problem. When I add a new post with more than one photo, I don’t have a miniature of photo in post on homepage… I need your help.

  • Céline Préher
    • bthemez

      hello you need to install the google+ comment in your blog. as you might be using the google+ comment earlier

  • internetismos Hello, I’m having some problems to load the labels on menu when it’s on mobile mode. Only appears the main Categories but not the list that I set up. See on the image (as mobile my device is iPhone 5c)

    • bthemez

      List will appear once the user click on categories tab

      • internetismos

        Hi! Thanks for your answer, but it still not working here…

      • internetismos

        Now it worked, the user needs to click right next the arrow at the link so it opens the list, thanks

  • Daria

    Hi! I wonder if I can change the resolution in the instagram sidebar and footer so that they were shown in square and not in standard resolution?

    • bthemez


      Add the following code in template

      .img-box img {
      width: 100%;
      height: 200px;
      object-fit: cover;

      • Daria

        Thank you!

  • abitofjo

    Hello, Im having problems where my most recent post isnt showing on my main page. Would you please help me out??

    Thank you.

    • bthemez

      Add google+ profile to your blog. That might be the reason

      • abitofjo

        hello i have done that

        • bthemez

          remove any quotes ( single or double from Post title)

          • abitofjo

            it worked!!! thank you so much!
            all the best

  • Lucie Herault

    Hello i have problems to install the “Premium Slider Style” with the image and below the title. Could you help me ? Thank you so much !

  • Daria

    Stumbled into another problem. In the megamenu pictures can be shown in different sizes, so it won’t be lined up in one line. How can make them show up always in one size?
    Add a photo how it looks right now.

    • bthemez


      Not an issue. It’s in free only you won’t find this problem in premium version of the theme.

      • Daria

        Ok! Good to know, thanks:)

      • Daria

        Can I also add Disqus for comments in a free template?

      • apron

        hello, i already upgrade to premium version,but my megamenu still in different size?how can i fix it? my site:

  • Daria

    And how do you make a disqus comments section as it seen here? I’ve added disqus to my blog, but it looks standard on a grey background. How to make it white?
    Thank you for all your answers!

    • bthemez


      Sorry but we don’t provide support on third party widgets.


  • Hannah Cooper

    Hi there, I’ve just installed one of your themes but I can’t seem to get my posts to show on my homepage. Any ideas?

    • bthemez

      did you add your google+ profile your blog.? You can find the setting in blogger setting

      • Hannah Cooper

        Yes It’s already added

        • bthemez

          Is your blog feed set to full. In blogger setting.?

          • Hannah Cooper

            Yeah it’s already set to full :/

  • Giulia Vieira

    I can’t’ download this 🙁

    • bthemez

      We are trying to resolve the download issue as soon as possible. Please visit soon we’ll update the files. In meantime join us on you’ll get update easily.

  • Paul

    Why do I have like this white spaces under the pisc on on home page ( like huge blanc space between picture and post name ) ? and one more – HOw can I edit background, i want white one except this dots

    My page :

    • bthemez


      there is some code in widget HTML850 that causing the problem. Delete that widget everything will be fine.

      remove background-image form “pixel-grid.png” from body tag.

      • Paul

        whitch widget should i delete ?

        • bthemez

          I’m seeing HTML850 widget causing the problem

          • Paul

            Yeah i get it but how i can delete it > and where to find it ?

          • Paul

            ok did it 😀 could please tell me why i have that ” undefined,undefined,undefined” at the top of each post ?

          • bthemez

            please read the description above for “undefined” problem. we have mentioned to solve the issue.

  • internetismos

    Hi, how can i do to open all the img thumbs of the posts like a shadow box? currently when a person click on a img of my post it opens at the same window, and to continue on my blog they need to come back to the past page.

    • bthemez

      That would need a customization work to lightbox in the blog. All customization work is chargeable. you can contact on Fb or twitter for the changes

      • internetismos

        oh, i can’t do this atm, but thank you for your help.

  • Moorad

    Hello, I’ve written 9 posts so far, 3 have disappeared in the bottom of the front page and there is no next page only 1 of 1 .

    • Bernadette Etcheverry

      I have the same problem! I went through all the comments and tried everything here. I have published 11 posts but only 6 are showing. I tried editing the titles and adding my google+ profile in the posts settings :/

      • Moorad

        This code fixed my problem. I changed the Bthemez Numbered Page Navigation with this one or you could wait for their support to suggest other solution

        • Bernadette Etcheverry

          Hi Moorad! Thank you for this code!

          The good news: all of my posts are now showing!
          The not-so-good-news: some pages have 2 posts, others have 8.

          What should I do?

          • Moorad

            To be honest, it’s not easy to tell you what you should do without looking to your source code. All I can think of is make sure your windows clock is working correctly. I’d had the same problem before with this theme but once I updated my windows clock it worked perfectly. Hope this helps.

      • bthemez

        Problem is with the blogger which supports 1mb content per page. due to scripts images and content in blog, sometimes it is exceeding this limit. To resolve this issue you have to do one thing in the starting of your posts.

        Go to your post and click on edit. Follow this :


        If you used ( ‘ ‘) quotes in Blog Title then delete the quote from title can post disappearance issue

        • Bernadette Etcheverry

          Hey! Yes, I saw this solution and tried it yesterday. It didn’t work -_-
          I know I must be doing something wrong!
          Thank you thank you so much for helping me!

          • bthemez

            No problem. You’re welcome!!

          • Tamira Halabi Barbaro

            Hi, can you tell how you solved the problem?

      • kltvintageandretro

        Hi Bernadette! What did you do to get multiple posts on your blog? And did you come across any issues having blank posts?


  • Hi I have the premium version and none of the social media links show up when I type in the links as shown

    • bthemez

      you need to use lowecase letter for social names. Like facebook(not Facebook) in name section and Put links in link section.

  • apron

    why theres only facebook icon caan be shown on top social home,i already add instagram and pinterest link,but they dont appear at my header social icon,and my instagram footer got uneven image thank you

  • apron

    where is should put this code on my instagram to make it square and not in standard resolution?
    .img-box img {
    width: 100%;
    height: 200px;
    object-fit: cover;

    • bthemez

      Go to template section and then customize and then advance tab and add css there

  • Bernadette Etcheverry

    Hi! Greetings from Japan

    I am using the Modern template and everything is looking great.
    I only have 1 concern. How do I make the social icons visible? When I hover over the left-hand side, I can click and it will take me to the social websites, but the icons themselves are invisible

    Thank you

    • Alfonso Maldonado

      Hi Bernadette,

      I came through the same issue. Make sure that when you add each social link, use lowercase for the first letter. Example: facebook, instead of Facebook; instagram instead of Instagram; twitter, instead of Twitter…

      • Bernadette Etcheverry

        Get out of TOWN! That worked! So simple. I really appreciate it 🙂

        • bthemez

          we have tried to make our template as simple as possible for everyone and thanks alfonso for helping out other blogger.

          and your problem with search can be solved by following steps

          Go to template section and try to find “.wrapper” using ctrl +f keep finding until you see display:none property add to it and when you see just delete it.

          • Alfonso Maldonado

            Thanks !!!
            It worked. To be specific, I found this piece of code:


            Instead of deleting the “display:none” property, I commented it:


            Saved the changes, reload the blog, test the search in home page and in apost. It is working now

          • bthemez

            yeah that can also solve the issue.

  • Alfonso Maldonado

    Hi guys,

    I am having issues with the search feature.

    It works fine in the Home page. I click the magnifier button, the big text “Search Article…” comes up, then I write what I want to search. Everything OK here

    The problem comes when I go to a post/page and click the search button. The page becomes blank but the big text “Search Article…” does not comes up and it is not letting me write.

    I am working with Google Chrome.

    I appreciate your help.

  • Pris

    Hi Deepak,

    Just to say thank you! I love this template and once I actually followed your user guide, it was pretty straight forward to use. So again, thank you!!!


    • bthemez

      Thank you so much..:)

  • Just installed this, but my posts say undefined at the top of them on the main page? How do I change this as it doesn’t look great. Also is there a way to make the social media icons smaller? Also I accidentally deleted the instagram side widget, I’d rather it there than at the bottom, can I get this back?

  • Simply Semisweet

    Hello! I recently started using this template and love it! However, one of my blog posts isn’t showing up and instead there is just a thick white bar where I believe it should be shown. Is there any way to fix this?

    • bthemez


      Don’t use ‘ ‘(quotes) in the blog title. remove from the post which is not showing on homepage. Everything will be fine.

  • Felicia

    Hi, I’m having issues with the slider. I’ve followed all the steps from this guide ( and its not working.

    My blog link is

    Would appreciate if you can assist cause I really love this template and feature.

    Thank you!

    • bthemez


      The Label name Featured and featured both are different. You have set label name “Featured” in your post and in widget you have used label name “featured”. Both text must be same. So edit the widget and change it with Featured.

  • Felicia

    How can I show more posts on my page? Changed the number of posts that I want to be shown but it doesn’t work –

    • bthemez

      Problem is with the blogger which supports 1mb content per page. due to scripts images and content in blog, sometimes it is exceeding this limit. To resolve this issue you have to do one thing in the starting of your posts.

      Go to your post and click on edit. Follow this :

  • Jessica

    How do I add the social media icons to the left of the page header (my blog name header)? I see the search bar to the right but cannot figure out how to add the social media icons. My blog name is Thanks

  • Maite

    Hi, there´s something weird with the position of “Next: You are viewing the Last Post”: How can I change it? Thanks!

  • Clarabella Secrets

    My blog title is very small and is not the same font as the demo blog. How do I fix this?

    • Fabiola Harford

      Change the font on style coding section or create a logo with the desire size and font save it as an image (pic) and use it as your title.

  • Fabiola Harford

    Okay here are issues I am finding with this template:
    1.- It is advertised as side bar and the side bar does not show at all
    2.- I am hesitant about the coding with your reference to you web page on the MegaMenu does it has to be replaced?
    3.- The slider does not show at all until you publich the blog
    4.- the instructions are not clear, it takes a lot of figuring out can we help you to put together something better?

  • Am I able to get rid of the side bar social share icons on blog posts? & My photos seem to not be centered on mobile view? Why is that?

  • & Is there a solution for showing all blogposts on homepage? why it’s not showing a second page yet?

  • Hello, Where should I add my picture and text so that it shows in “About Me” section in the side bar. I’m unable to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.

  • fsyazana

    Hi, just asking you is the ‘Modern Grid With Sidebar On HomePage’ available? i’m interested in that template but i have no idea how to get it since the tutorial is only for the first version.

    • bthemez

      the sidebar on homepage will work only in premium version of the template. which you can get it from the button above.


      • Fabiola Harford

        Yes but it is not free.

  • Mission52 DIY

    Hello. I’m attempting to integrate mail chimp email pop up and it’s causing my header to disappear. Where should this be place in the code? I tried before

  • Fabiola Harford

    Does anyone knows where in the template is the style coding for the LinkList2 Gadget? I want to get rid of the gray color but can’t identify the code. The rest, I was able to fix all the issues. I will suggest that you open the template on dreamweaver and it will identify almost everything for you. Also I have pull all the colors on the template by code in case anyone needs them (just paper me). It is useful too to look in this google documentation get familiar with the terminology and coding in case you are a newbie like me and this guy is awesome in education too. Cheers and happy new year to all!!!!

    • Fabiola Harford

      I found it!!! Yes!!!!

  • Is it possible to get rid of the page navigation, like showing 1, 2, 3 etc. And instead having older or newer posts?!


  • Gem Lee

    Hello, please help for two problem:
    (My url:

    1, When I watch my single article, my left side”Previous Article” and right side “Next Article” didn’t show as demo live,plz help.

    2, “Undefined comments” problem
    How I change it to “0 comments”? plz tell me, thank you so much!

  • Rhian Davis

    Hi, this template doesn’t seem to work for me at all and I have purchased the premium verison and followed all of the step by steps. My one query is the templates seem to be messed up? I should have purchased the modern grid blogger template yet in some of the coding I noticed it said Vogue which is a different template? Any help my site is where you can see the problem. Thank you.

  • Life of Luxe Blog

    Hello, I have white spaces under my pics on my home page, why is this? My URL is


    • bthemez

      remove the widget name HTML850 from the template that is casuing the problem

  • MoonWalker

    I just downloaded the free version of modern grid but my google+ comments are not showing on my blog, even though I’ve enabled it to show
    Secondly, how do where do i paste the generated code from the meta tags.
    Thirdly, my page list (home,fashion.etc) is blank, tried changing the color but its not going and the code for the navigation page isn’t going, is there more to it.
    Thanks. My blog is

  • Morgan Sellers

    Hi! I’m trying to add a sidebar for a little “about me” photo on the side of my blog. I’m not seeing the place to put the “y”? Could you help?

    Also, if this is only a premium feature, can I upgrade without having to start all over? Like is it just an additional code to add in or will I have to upload the entire new template?

  • Morgan Sellers

    How do I change the font to “Playfair Display” ? I have premium version?

    Also, How do I remove the “Designed By Bthemez” part on footer since I paid?

  • sasse142


    I’ve seen this question but the answer didn’t help me – sorry, I’d like to change the header font, I’d like it a litter bigger. How can I do this? TIA

  • Daniella Bature

    I downloaded and installed this template on my blog the URL is
    Everything works fine except for the fact that The posts area on the home page is blank. All I see on the home page is the header image and the footer widgets down at the bottom. But from page 2, the posts start showing. And when I open up a post, it opens up perfectly.

    I have already connected my blog to my GOOGLE+ account but still nothing works. Please help! I have tried all I can

  • Hi,
    How do I change the way that the date of publication is shown? Now it says February 09, 2017 and I’d like it to look 02.09.2017 (that’s just the way we write it it my country :))


    Hey I’ve just emailed you! I’m Sarah from and I’ve just downloaded this theme and I’m not sure if I’ve done it correctly or there is something wrong with the file?

    Can you help?

  • Andrea Lenz

    Hello, how are you
    I bought the premium version of the Modern template for the blogger, but I’m not able to install the Mega Menu or Slider.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you,

  • Kalli Kent

    “7. Main Navigation MegaMenu” cannot find the code for this. Any help? Thanks!

    • Sofia Burton

      ^ I cannot see the code either.

      • bthemez

        It’s working fine now.

    • bthemez

      It’s working now.

  • kltvintageandretro

    Thanks this is so helpful! Only issue I’m having is one of my posts is not showing, it’s blank. And I would also like to add more posts on the home page. There are only 3 showing although I have 4 published. Thanks!


    • bthemez


      Don’t use ‘ ‘( quotes ) in blog title. If you still have this issue please contact us at

  • Hello, I’ve bought the premium version, how do I enable the premium slider?
    Also, there isn’t a Home Style Widget in Layout page, where I’m I supposed to change the layout from?

    • bthemez

      please provide your blog url? I’ll check the issue

      • hello, here it is, still fixing it

        • bthemez


          could you please make me admin of your blog. please send an email to i’ll send you the steps to follow

          • ok, I sent you an admin invitation

          • bthemez

            got it. please make me admin now

          • done!

          • bthemez

            It’s working fine. sorry it was slider style widget not home style widget. We have added the wrong name of widget in description. It is updated now. Menu code is also updated.and the popular widget, the thumbnail work when you use images uploaded by blogger only, you have used the images from pexels. you need to upload through blogger image tool in your post.

          • oookay thank you!

          • Tiff AG

            Hi bthemez, my megamenu is still in vertical alignment instead of horizontal. How do I change this? And my header isn’t the same as your live demo. My blog is

  • wohnprojekt

    I just bought the template. Could you please tell me the html code for the “About me”-Section! Thanks a lot, Lisa

  • Saraa Ferouz

    Hi, i love the ‘Modern Grid Blogger” template but I just got WordPress is there anyway I can use it on that?

    • bthemez


      No we currently not this theme on wordpress, however we are working on it for wordpress and will be available soon. you can follow our etsy shop here you’ll get notified once we upload there.

  • Hello, I just used the mega menu and the images in it don’t look good if one of the posts has a vertical image. I tried to use the clip css property to set the same height for every image in the mega menu, but then I have to re-do the all of it because “position: absolute” messes everything up.

    • Don’t mind I fixed it, just letting you know so that you can fix it too! 😉

      • i have same problem, how can u fixed it? tell me

  • Lilichat

    Thanks for this beautiful template!
    I would like remove social media icon in the main page, at the bottom of article and in the left of page. It’s possible?
    And how to change the color de “Next article” and “previous article” in the left and right?
    (I have the premium template)
    Sorry for my english, i’m a french blogger 🙂

  • Cynthia Criswall

    Hi, I need some help. If I share posts with pictures, look what happens. A blank space appears between th e image and the post text. I dont’t now how to solve this!

  • Cynthia Criswall

    Hi, I bought the premium version of the Modern template for the blogger, so I try to solve the blank post problem following your steps but don’t works. I don’t know to fix this! please some help!

  • Mademoiselle Polish

    Hello! I have a problem with some blank posts. In fact, I checked

    – adding Google+ profile in the posts settings,

    – removing double quotes from the titles,

    – adding page breaks in the posts after the first image.

    But nothing changes! How can i resolved the problem?

    Thank you for your help.

    • euro wander

      hi, i have the same problem, do you know, how to fix it..?

      • Mademoiselle Polish


        Yes, the problem was the ” and the ‘ in the title post.

        Check again it’s probably the problem 🙂

  • Inspired Persona

    hi, this template is perfect!i love it! I have a question!!! In Main Navigation Menu, when i use submenu, can i add more submenus in the same section ?
    like this
    1.submenu CLOTHING > submenu 1a Women
    >submenu 1b Men

    Is this possible?

    • bthemez


      Yes it is possible. You need to make some edits in our menu code to get it like the way you want.

      • Inspired Persona

        I ve tried some edits but didnt work! Can you pls me show me the way with the example code? Thnx

  • euro wander

    hello Deepak,
    Recently I’ve added few new posts in my blog, now the homepage doesn’t work
    *i’ve added my google+profile
    *i’ve changed the time format also, but the problem is not fixed yet!!
    please i need help!! (homepage) (post)

    • bthemez

      There are some scripts that causing the problems. Please check every widget in layout section. There might be some js code causing the issue

      • euro wander

        yes, i’ve cheked it !! even i’ve removed every widget from the layout!! but my homepage is not coming

  • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

    how do I change the copy right footer at the bottom of the page with the premium layout

    • bthemez


      Look for copyright in the template code and you’ll find the text to change it.

  • Hello, I have an issue with the instagram slider. Since instagram started allowing non square images, the slider images appear in different sizes which makes it appear ugly. I tried to fix it by adjusting width/height and also the clip property but I didn’t succed in any way. Can you do something about that? Thank you in advance!

  • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

    Having problems with uploading banners – the banner size ive made meant to be 900 x 300 but is automatically shrunk with the premium layout it only displays in its true size with the blogger setting ‘behind title and description’ but even then it is not centred.

    • bthemez

      do you want full size? as on the left there is as space for social icons. that will be gone

      or if you go to the template section and try to find “.header-part-middle”(without quotes) you’ll see it is set to 60% just change it to 100%

      Let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem contact us here :

    • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

      Worked perfect! Thank

  • SMR

    Love this template but am wondering if it is possible to remove the side bar completely on posts and have them be full width?

  • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

    Hello how can I make the photos the same size for the instagram widget- Ive got cropped photos all different sizes would like them consistently square ?

  • Tasnim

    I followed all the steps to add the Style sidebar, all it shows is “featured” on the blog, there’s no sidebar and no articles in it.
    This is my blog :
    Can you help me please ? Thank you.

  • Sarah Obihara Principled-Creat

    hi could you please clarify where to post the meta tag?