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How to Solve Blogger Layout Problem


A simple guide to Solve Blogger Layout Problem, Recently Blogger updated their code which caused many problems in layout section, Like you not able to edit the widget in our Blush Blogger Template, Elegance Blogger Template, and Amazine Blogger Template.

So, if you’re using our these blog templates and if you’re experiencing the same problem only then use the following code otherwise don’t.

layout widget edit problem

Solve Blogger Layout Problem

  1. Go to Blogger Template
  2. Edit HTML
  3. Just scroll Down a little and when you see code like this : layout code
  4. Just Add the following code above it.

Solve Share Icons overlapping problem

blogger fix

To resolve this you need to add the following code in Template -> Customize -> Advanced -> Add CSS

Add css blogger

Recently Some of our user experiencing the problem of Menu and social widget start Disappearing. If you’re using our Blush Blogger Template, Amazine Blog theme then it’s quite possible that you may have to experience the same. Adding the below code can help you to solve the problem.

Solve Menu and Social Widget In Top Bar

  1. Go to Blogger Template
  2. Edit HTML
  3. And Search For using ctrl + f
  4. It will be something like this : menu widget problem
  5. Just replace the that line you’ve just searched with the code below.

And For The Top Social Widget Search For

and replaced with the code below.

Social Widget For Blush Theme Only

And For The Social Widget in bottom Search For

and replaced with the code below.

Social Widget For Amazine & Alice Theme Only

And For The Social Widget in bottom Search For

and replaced with the code below.

I hope it works for you if it doesn’t please leave a comment below.

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  • Joana Querido

    Hi Deepak! Altought I’m not using this blog template I’ve been experiencing this problem currently and I can’t seem to find any more answers on google. Also my template developer doesn’t provide support anymore. Would you be kind enough and give me some tips on to solve this problem for someone using a different template? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • bthemez


      Yeah sure, Message me on fb with your blog url and template you’re using.

  • Pria Amor Bote

    thank you! great template! i love it

    • bthemez

      your welcome !! glad you love it

      • Pria Amor Bote

        I was wondering why the layout is not showing my nuffnang ads?

  • It works! Thank you so much!

    • bthemez

      you’re welcome !!

  • zamroni

    Hello Mr Deepak,

    I ‘ve bought your template “BLush”. its looks nice on demo site. But After installing on my blogger, it doesn’t look same as on your demo site..

    I need your help.

    • bthemez


      Please elaborate your problem.

  • Hello! I followed the guidelines but the first problem persists. Only the second was resolved. Can you help me please?
    My blog:

    • bthemez

      Post is updated, you can now resolve the menu and social widget problem.

      • Yes! It worked! thank you!

        • bthemez

          You’re welcome. Thanks to all the support. Really Appreciate it. Follow us on social media, we provide update there about the solution of all our template problem.

  • Ilham Muliadi

    hello B-Theme

    we want ask to you some question, we have elegance theme premium :

    – why our theme especially at instagram shot (look picture) not perform
    – how to change link for each picture feature or video clip not to pin it (pinterest) but to backlink others (example: instagram)

    please to inform to me for all setting tutorial…?

    thanks a lot


    • bthemez

      please contact us using our contact page with your blog url. you can find the page at

  • Hi Deepak

    I Have the Alice template and my menu disappeared
    I made the changes with the code you have just given and it didn’t work. What I did was then re-upload your template from the one I had originally and start again. its now back to how it was, but I was wondering if I should edit the code for the menu anyway? is it a special new code?


    • bthemez


      I have checked with alice theme as well. it should work with that. But if you have installed the template again you don’t need to replace any code.


  • Stephanie R


    I did as was instructed for ‘Solve Menu and Social Widget In Top Bar’ I get this error

    • Stephanie R

      I have the blush template

      • bthemez

        you didn’t use the proper code. you need to delete the highlighted code:

        or you could download the latest version of the template

  • Carlota Pereira

    I read everything about “how to solve blogger layout problem” but i don’t know. My menu and my top-social disappeared. help me please

    • bthemez

      have you find the code we have mentioned in the article. If you’re having problem finding it then it would suggest you to install the template again.

  • Giò G

    hi, I followed the instructions, but my top social and my top social foot disappeared and
    I can’t download the new version of template.
    I have the blush template. help me please!

    • Giò G

      I have the free version

  • Karolina R.

    Hi, I’m so happy with the Blush template. It’s the best! 🙂
    I just have two questions.
    1. How can I make my header picture bigger?
    2. How can I be able to add bold text into my posts? I tried this CSS code:
    body strong,body b{
    font-weight: 600;
    but when I do it, it turns also my Most popular posts bold, which I don’t want to.

    Here’s link to my blog:
    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • Jagoda Jasicka
    • bthemez

      There must be some div tag open in the code. I can’t help with the screenshot. you can download the latest version of the template and install it again from

      • Jagoda Jasicka

        It doesn’t work. I have the same problem after install the latest version… 🙁
        And I can’t find this code ”” in HTML.

      • Jagoda Jasicka

        I did as was instructed by the “Troubleshooting Menu and Social widget in the top bar’ and it doesn’t works … Do you know why?

        I hope you will help me.

        • bthemez


          please make me admin of your blog. I’ll check the issue. contact us via

          Will send you the steps to make us admin of your blog

          • Jagoda Jasicka

            Hi, it’s done. You’re an admin

    • bthemez


      Check your blog now. You can add the menu now from menu widget

      • Jagoda Jasicka

        Yes it’s works! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me. Greetings from Poland 🙂


  • Suzanne Turk

    Hi there, I’m having three questions for the purchased the Blush theme.

    The first is that I’m having issues with the slider style, I’ve added the “style1” (without quotes) in the Slider Style Setting, but it’s not showing. If there is a label to add to make it show up, like “featured”, I’ve also added that, but nothing.

    The second is I’m trying to add the Facebook widget, I have the “Like Us” in the Layout section, but what is the code to make the Facebook page to show up on the side?

    The third is for the Labels gadget on the side. In the preview, it has the labels capitalized and there is a pink box outline around each label. How do I get that.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I love the theme and can’t wait to finally share it with the world!

  • nopy

    hello I use blush template but some feature like featured slider in not working. Can you tell me the solution about my problem? may be you can visit my blog
    thank you

  • Rowena

    Hi I am using blend template and everything is great except that the navagation bar on top and when mobile doesn’t appear. Pls help my website is

    Thank you! 🙂

  • gratatt

    I’m using BLUSH and I want simple grid. How do I get the home style widget? I have read everything and still don’t see a way to fix this.

    • bthemez

      You’ll see the widget setting in the layout section.

  • MG

    Hello! I’ve followed all the steps in “Top Social Widget” and yet it won’t appear. Please help me and also the slider, please. Here’s my blog url:

  • AnQi Fang

    Hi i am using the modern template and my Menu is not working even after i tried pasting the code above, please help and thanks. (

  • Hi I just installed Blush, it was working fine when I tried it out on a test blog, but when I installed it on my main blog the pictures doesnt show up on the slider. Please help