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How to Increase Instagram Followers The Effective Method

Everybody Knows about Instagram, A Fun Simple image sharing app and it has quickly become one of the best social visual media platform and fast-growing social media site with over 400M+ Monthly users and on average 80M+ photos shared on a daily basis. Despite that Recent study reveals that it has 25% better engagement than any other social media sites, Even better than twitter. Getting the right real followers and engagement can be tricky if you’re not using the right strategy, Below is some points mentioned that will help you Increase Instagram Followers.


Increase Instagram Followers & Blog Visitors

So having a large followers list under your name & build a community will definitely boost your site traffic, increase sales or Build brand name. Instagram has worked well for many marketers and I know some of them how they increased massive followers within a short period of time, by using this simple strategy.

1: Write Instgram Bio and Add Website Link to it

The best way to drive traffic to your blog is adding the link to your blog/website to your Bio. The Strategy called “link in Bio” strategy. Don’t just add the link in the bio you need to add some descriptive information about yourself as need to ensure that whoever reading bio completely understand what you do and what is this account all about.

Jenn Herman, An Instagram consultant points out the best way to create an Instagram bio that attracts followers. Make sure you have all those points in your Bio.


2: Use HashTags To Reach Targeted Audience

Just Like Twitter, Instagram Also uses hashtags to organize the photos provide search options based on that particular hashtags. Using of Hashtag will Improve your Photos visibility and reach the targeted audience. Some hashtags are more popular than others but don’t overuse it can be annoying for the user just use the relevant one that helps you categorize your photos.

Recently Buffer did Research on this and found that Instagram Post with 11+ Hashtags Gets Higher Engagement


So, How do you find those 11+ relevant hashtags which you integrate into your Instagram post?

The process is very much alike keyword research, Using the right tool and right method will help you find the relevant hashtags which perfectly describe your post and reach a more targeted audience to increase Instagram followers.

Webstagram compiled the list of 100 Most Used/Popular hashtags which you should Include in your post.

And you can also you use the online web tool to find the relative hashtags. is a simple Instagram tool which helps you analyze your hashtag and display how other hashtags are correlated to the original one.

Recently, while I was researching on topic, I stumbled Upon an article where an e-commerce site owner increases his Instagram followers using a simple but effective Technique.


3: Increase Instagram followers By Posting at Right Time.

Like most of us, you did everything which points are described above but still you’re images aren’t getting that exposure as you thought it would. Most of the users who goes to school or work login in the morning, and in the evening, on their way home or reach home.

So, what should be the right time for posting images on Instagram? According to the Latergramme, A Service which allows the user to schedule & manage the Instagram post did a research on more than 60,000 Post to determine when’s the images received the maximum engagement.

And In the research, they found that the best time to post on Instagram at 5 p.m. EST on Wednesdays. But you should add post throughout the day to better engagement with your followers.

Schedule your post so that you can add the post when you asleep. There are many services out there like later and iconosquare , The best tool to full analysis of your Instagram account and details about your New Followers, Most Popular Photos, Best Time to Post.

4: Increase Instagram followers By Embedding Instagram Widget In Your Blog/ website.

Embedding Instagram widget can be very helpful to you build a strong following on this platform. As Instagram doesn’t have their Official widget so you can use the Third party Websites like snap widget, Instawidget, and many other similar sites or you can use some javascript to show your Instagram feed in your blog.

There are many advantages of using javascript method rather than third party sites like the snap widget is that whenever user clicks on your Instagram widget it will take them to their site rather than open an Instagram app or site if they are visiting from the desktop, Although javascript method will open the image on app directly and then user can like your other images and follow you directly and you can change mould the widget however you want or you can use the theme/template which support this method. Like Our Bush Blogger Template which supports javascript method in the sidebar and in the footer as well.

Share your thoughts what other Methods or strategies you’ve used to grow your Instagram followers?