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Header Design Inspiration

10 Great Examples of Header Designs for Inspiration

Website header is one of the most noticeable and valuable areas in the entire web page design. The header section runs across the top of page and is viewable on every page of the website. The only motive behind having an enticing website header design is attracting more number of prospects for online business.

For website designers looking to incorporating the trendiest header designs in their website, this list of 10 great examples of header designs will definitely prove to be a helping hand

Header Design Inspiration Examples



blamo Toys

Blamo toys showcases its brand’s logo in the header section. Incorporating the latest web designing trends, Blamo places its logo in the centre, clicking on which redirects the user back to the home page. This is one of the sophisticated, professional and trendiest designing trends that not only strengthens brand value but also makes the navigation smooth, structured and quick.

So, if you want to emphasize on your brand logo, you should center it in the header and also add some white space around to make the nearby elements prominent.


Wild & Wolf

wild & wolf


Considering the search bar as the most important element in website design, Wild & Wolf places its search bar in the top left. Allowing shoppers to interact with the search bar means increasing chances of purchase. In order to incorporate such header design, you can make the search bar larger, add contrasting colors and add more white space.




HTMLPanda’s header takes up a valuable space but still looks great and leaves a positive impact in the eyes of visitors. All the elements are neatly placed and separated from the content.

The layout is intuitive and uses the pattern in an inspiring way.



The header design in this website is quite structured. Everything on the header page is synced so as to give visitors the clear idea of what the site is actually about. There is no such distraction element which keeps the visitors hindered from not clicking the CTA button that says, “Join free for a month”.


Hollister Co.


With a simple and effective header, Hollister comprises primary, secondary navigation along with highlighted offers which are altogether centered around the logo design.




It has one of the cleanest header design with a no-nonsense display. Each and every element has been placed down with utmost efficiency. The search bar also has the maximum of white space for clarity.

The use of red and black color in contrast adds a nice touch. Similarly, the presence of drop down menus makes the navigation process flawless.




Featuring a clean, elegant, simple and structured header design, the website stays at its best to captivate user attention with a smooth and friendly navigation. The use of text, white space, images has been brilliantly planned so as to acquire increased traffic.




The website showcases a perfect mix of bright and dark colors which, when used in combination adds to the elegance of website. The header section of Howhost steals the show with its eye-captivating functionality. The overall emphasis has been given to the header design and logo design.


Art, Copy & Code

Art Copy & Code

Bringing a whole new experience to the website design, the website features the latest video background design that creates heavy contrast between the video and page text. The video content accommodates nicely to the layout.


Plata Fashion


The presence of customized and flexible header design in this website gives the full opportunity to developers to drag element, tweak content position and dynamically change the height of header section by simply dragging it up and down.

This website design also makes use of video backgrounds to incorporate an exciting user experience and introduce life to the content.

Taking the idea from such interesting header designs, businesses can introduce an element of fun, interactivity, and engagement to their website. This kind of design directly communicates with the visitors and also brings in increased volume of sales. You can also hire a web designer to take assistance for such trendsetting ideas in the latest website design of your upcoming venture.