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5 Ideas For Your New Blog

If you want to start a blog, you have a lot of things to consider. You’ll have to choose a platform, figure out how to get started, compile content, and work on design, and each of those steps usually takes a little longer than you might expect! But before you even get to any of that, you have to make the most crucial decision of all: what are you actually going to be blogging about?

You may already know the answer to this question, if the idea was what inspired you to start a site in the first place. But if you’re merely curious about the idea of running a blog, or you’re looking to practice your writing or design skills, or even if you’re looking for a little bit of side income, you might be in need of an idea. There are innumerable options, but here are a few specific concepts that might get your wheels turning.

Just Start Writing

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Sometimes the material comes before a concrete idea. That might make your blog a little bit disorganized at first, but you may ultimately discover that you stumble on a regular subject, or find your niche. A lot of blogs start off almost like personal journals and wind up settling into more specific focal points, either because an audience responded to a given idea or opinion, or because the writer just happens to zero in on something. It’s not the most concrete idea, but sometimes you really are best off if you just start writing.

Review What You Know

Some of the best blogs out there are those that turn writers’ personal opinions into expert takes for audiences. Film is one common example that comes to mind. There are lots of film blogs out there, run by everyone from freelance contributors to professional critics. And if you feel like you know movies well enough to comment on them, there may be room for you in this genre. The same can be said of books, music, comic books, or even political speeches. The trick here is finding an angle that isn’t being done yet. For instance, you could see if anyone out there is reviewing movies in 300 words or less, or gear each review toward answering a specific question like “is it a date movie?” or “is this how you should spend your Friday night?”

Review What You Try

You can also start a blog simply commenting on things you try, like products, businesses, professional services, etc. We live in a time in which consumers actually depend quite heavily on the opinions of others when making purchases. Just think of all the Yelp and Amazon reviews you’ve probably sifted through in your time. It can be a little difficult to gain a following as a reliable critical voice, but reviewing things you try can be surprisingly fun, and can definitely keep you busy. If you go about it in a professional manner (but with some personal touch) and grow your blog strategically, you may just gain a following.

Latch Onto A Booming Business

If you have the knowledge and capability to write about a new or popular business that’s already capturing people’s attention, it can be a great way to start a blog. One that comes to mind from recent years is daily fantasy sports, or “DFS” sites. The DFS industry has undergone scrutiny from government and lawmakers regarding its legality, but it’s persevered to the point that it now appears ready to last. And everyone wants DFS advice. If you can comment regularly and intelligently, you can have a successful blog on your hands. The same holds true for any number of other new businesses. Think Bitcoin exchanges, virtual reality headsets, mobile game developers, and anything else trendy these days.

Document A Journey

In one very thorough write-up of different types of popular blogs, it was suggested that “The Guide” is among the better options. The idea here is to guide readers through an aspect of their lives, be it a fitness routine, spiritual journey, or whatever else may come to mind. People enjoy reading about progress, and in many cases use it for inspiration. Documenting anything from a weight loss effort to a quest to travel around the world can capture people’s interest and earn you a following that few other subjects are worthy of.