how to add featured slider blogger template

How to Add Featured Slider in Blogger Template

Featured slider in blogger template is always a nice feature to have in any blog, through which a blogger get to show their special post to the user. It also allows visitors to iterate these post easily. Featured Section can be anything likes Slider, Carousel, Special Grid etc.

How to Add featured Slider Blogger Template

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Bt-Slider Widget.
  • Just Use “featured” ( without quotes).
  • Click Save

All you have to do is just add the “featured” (Without quotes ) in featured slider widget and you must have label of named featured for the post you want to show in slider and make sure your blog is set to Public.Please follow the screenshots below:

Step 1: Click on Edit



Step 2: Add The word Featured in Widget

feat-wid slider widget layout

Step 3: Add The label in your post named “featured”


Note : The steps given above will work in all bthemez blogger Template.