Top #7 mistakes you need to avoid before launching a website

Starting a business website is not just a joke. It takes immense effort and time to get it established. And if you think you can make it up on your own you need to follow certain steps before you could proceed any further with your new business.

In today’s post let us discuss some of the mistakes that every business owner should rectify before launching his online business website.

Let’s get started!!!

#1 No clear plan of execution:

At recent times most, users have started to come up with their own websites or blogs. Unfortunately, they find it hard to sustain in the long run. It is because they do not have an execution plan in implementing them in the right way.

In case if you haven’t designed a plan for your business but have decided to start with a kickstart a new website for your business then you should make sure you have your business plan before you execute them.

#2 Lack of website security:

Website security is one of the biggest threats in this 20th century and it is still a surprising factor that business owners are not much bothered about the website security.

This needs a little attention from the website owners in order to withstand the threats against their business and there comes the need for SSL certificate.


What is an SSL certificate?

In simple words, SSL certificate is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins. It is required for website owner to install an SSL certificate to their server through which an application protocol will change to HTTPS.

The ‘S’ in the HTTPS denotes the security. Based on the type of certificate you purchase and the browser you surf on, a green padlock symbol appears in the browser along with the domain name that you have entered.

If your business website has multiple subdomains then buy Wildcard SSL Certificate. This single certificate can secure the main domain and it’s subdomains easily. You don’t need to buy separate SSL for every subdomain which saves your money.

By this, you not only secure your website from disasters but also build trust among your users which indeed helps to improve your Google ranking.

#3 Not much concerned about the money:

Be hopeful – only not about cash. “There’s a decent shot that your organization will come up short on cash before it makes any,” alerts Tobak. “Realize how much money you must maintain your business, what you consume rate is and ensure that you have the arrangement to endeavor to get more before you run out.”

Again, and again entrepreneurs scramble to raise finances when it’s now past the point of no return. Rather, authors from the get-go ought to make a budgetary arrangement, enumerating achievements and how much cash it will take to achieve these objectives.

#4 Lesser concentration on Social Media:

When you are aggressively into building a brand, then you need to try a few social media platforms as well. You may not know where your target audience are. So, you can make use of these social media platforms to find your audience or even build a customized audience.

That doesn’t mean you need to light your advertising budget to the peak. All you need to do is, “ANALYZE”.

Facebook and Pinterest are the best platforms for product sales. LinkedIn is well known for business personality and self-branding. And at the same time, you can repurpose your content on the same platform.

#5 Neglecting customer service:

With such huge numbers of our business exchanges occurring over the Internet, it’s simple but difficult to overlook that clients are individuals who are much bound to come back to your website on the off chance that they have a decent affair.

“Ensure you have some method for interfacing with the general population visiting your site,” Experts says. “Whatever domain – through live chat, survey, email or telephone.”

Additionally, screen social-media destinations for brand assessment and look at survey locales like Yelp to see who isn’t content with his or her experience and connect.

#6 Build a powerful message:

The biggest mistake ever done is, not understanding the actual need for the business. I have come across most of the businesses that have stepped in with full energy but lost in a very short span. It is because they do not know the purpose of their business in the long run.

Before you could start with your business make sure your build a powerful message. Make sure that your business answers one of the questions of your potential customers. Only then you will know the direction in which your business travels.

In case if you do not know the purpose of your business then there is no purpose behind launching a website which does not answer any. So, you need to build a powerful message behind your brand and website.

#7 Understand your market and focus on your customers:

There are numerous instances of organizations that don’t have the best product/service or are not first to advertise yet are extremely effective in light of the fact that they have aced marketing and deals.

Research the socioeconomics and psychographics of your potential customer base and comprehend their purchasing propensities.

Watch contenders, converse with comparable organizations, peruse your rivals’ websites, and comprehend what their customers are stating about them in social media.

Wrap up:

Starting a business is important, at the same time understanding the need for the business is way to important than starting a business. Most business holders do not understand its need and try to directly dive into the market which indeed puts them into trouble.

Understanding the shortcomings of most business heads, I have come up with this post. The above-mentioned 7 points are the most important ones that every business owner should concentrate before starting their business website.

These points indeed help them to analyze their need for a website launch and help them sustain in the long run without losing their business. Have I missed any of the valuable points? Then let me know through your valuable comments. Do not fail to let us know about your success stories.