Blogging Trends 2019

Blogging Trends 2019

Ok, well first off it should be of interest to anyone who has ever read a blog that nearly half of the online population reads blogs! That is an amazing number of people and it is expected that the number could actually increase in 2019.

Over half of all internet users now have a mobile device to get online, with the average users spending at least 3.5 hours online daily via that mobile device.

This has led to many industries already optimizing their website for use on mobile devices and one that has been highly successful is the gambling industry.  High-end sites now provide games that equal if not surpass those that can be played using a home computer or laptop. Excusive live casinos can be accessed together with all the bonuses and promotional offers that particular site offers.

Today convenience matters more than ever and that includes being able to source entertainment as well as being able to carry out daily tasks. Blogs must therefore also be optimized for mobile devices in order to get the traffic.

Interestingly, English remains the dominant language used in blogging with more than 70% of blogs that are published on WordPress written in English. Over 50% of the company’s worldwide use blogs as a top marketing strategy and this appears to be continuing in 2019.

A massive influence in 2018 was the Fake News and Facebook drama everyone was subjected to, and because of this 2019 is seen to be the year where bloggers will focus firmly on building up and maintaining trust with their readers.  Video blogs are expected to be vital with video expected to be behind at least 85% of search traffic in 2019.

It has also been acknowledged that many readers simply do not have the time to read marathon blog articles, preferring instead some short-form content although there is always going to be a place for the longer in-depth articles, still a favorite of Google.

The personalization of content is trending in 2019 as people want to read content that is relevant to them and that offers solutions or meets their needs in some other way. Of course, you can’t address your blog to just one person but if you have an idea of who your target audience is going to be and more importantly what that target audience is interested in then your content will automatically begin to be more relevant, even before you get any feedback.

Remember when blogging that interactivity increases engagement. Running an interactive blog could mean that you include special features like surveys, quizzes, and maybe infographics. It is all about engaging with your audience and keeping them coming back as the relationship develops.

Everything is connected and making sure that your blog is connected to your social accounts and vice versa is important. Readers will want to be able to move freely between them so making sure that everything is up-to-date and that the content is appropriate is essential. A blogger does not have to have a massive following what they do need is to be able to connect with those that follow them, a facebook