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Blogging Trends 2019

Blogging Trends 2019

Ok, well first off it should be of interest to anyone who has ever read a blog that nearly half of the online population reads blogs! That is an amazing number of people and it is expected that the number could actually increase in 2019.

Over half of all internet users now have a mobile device to get online, with the average users spending at least 3.5 hours online daily via that mobile device.

This has led to many industries already optimizing their website for use on mobile devices and one that has been highly successful is the gambling industry.  High-end sites now provide games that equal if not surpass those that can be played using a home computer or laptop. Excusive live casinos can be accessed together with all the bonuses and promotional offers that particular site offers.

Today convenience matters more than ever and that includes being able to source entertainment as well as being able to carry out daily tasks. Blogs must therefore also be optimized for mobile devices in order to get the traffic.

Interestingly, English remains the dominant language used in blogging with more than 70% of blogs that are published on WordPress written in English. Over 50% of the company’s worldwide use blogs as a top marketing strategy and this appears to be continuing in 2019.

A massive influence in 2018 was the Fake News and Facebook drama everyone was subjected to, and because of this 2019 is seen to be the year where bloggers will focus firmly on building up and maintaining trust with their readers.  Video blogs are expected to be vital with video expected to be behind at least 85% of search traffic in 2019.

It has also been acknowledged that many readers simply do not have the time to read marathon blog articles, preferring instead some short-form content although there is always going to be a place for the longer in-depth articles, still a favorite of Google.

The personalization of content is trending in 2019 as people want to read content that is relevant to them and that offers solutions or meets their needs in some other way. Of course, you can’t address your blog to just one person but if you have an idea of who your target audience is going to be and more importantly what that target audience is interested in then your content will automatically begin to be more relevant, even before you get any feedback.

Remember when blogging that interactivity increases engagement. Running an interactive blog could mean that you include special features like surveys, quizzes, and maybe infographics. It is all about engaging with your audience and keeping them coming back as the relationship develops.

Everything is connected and making sure that your blog is connected to your social accounts and vice versa is important. Readers will want to be able to move freely between them so making sure that everything is up-to-date and that the content is appropriate is essential. A blogger does not have to have a massive following what they do need is to be able to connect with those that follow them, a facebook

Revamp Your Website For 2019

How To Revamp Your Website For 2019

If your website is starting to look dated as we enter a new year, there are many ways that you can improve and overhaul your website’s design, accessibility, and visuals for 2019. By using these, your website can start to reach its potential, including an increase in internet traffic and potential buyers.

Increase Customer Support

Firstly, your support for your customers should be evident from your homepage; it also needs to be re-established on every page thereafter to encourage customers that you will meet their needs while they are using your services. You can do this by installing an online chat service or chat robot to answer FAQs and real-time questions, building a one-to-one rapport with your customers and showing exemplary customer service.

Additionally, you can also provide evidence of your loyalty and service through testimonials, which should be placed in an apparent position on your website, such as the top of the homepage. These guides will show customers that your business is a reliable service for everyone that focuses on their customer’s needs.

Feature Social Media

Step into the modern era by linking your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to your webpage, or you can even attach a live feed which will show customers your latest updates. This is relatively simple to do and will allow customers to interact with your service and encourage them to check your regular updates. Doing this will increase customer engagement and improve the traffic to your site by delivering the latest news straight to their mobiles.

Use a Marketing Agency

Employing a marketing agency to help your business to grow is the next big step to increasing your business prowess and can be useful regarding improving your website traffic, conducting research and optimizing your search results.

Companies like Eventige can help to design your marketing strategies and promotions to help advertise your brand and utilize your website to provide the best customer experience. Using marketing agencies like these will help ease the complications of revamping your marketing strategy yourself, whether this is offline or digitally.

Improve Visuals and Layout

Creating the best visuals and a clean and simple layout will help to provide the best user experience for your customers, making your web pages easy to navigate and understand. The right images can also shape the look of your brand for customers and show your company’s message, such as bright colors and jaunty text. This will help your site to grab the attention of customers and keep them engaged as they scroll through multiple pages. Additionally, if your site is complicated and messy, it will be confusing for users and they are more than likely to stop browsing.

To grab the attention of your customers and provide a bright and functional website that can improve your website traffic, you should be aware of your user’s needs and what they value from a website. Once you begin to do this, your website will be cleaner and more accessible to the general public, and this is key in helping you to grow your business.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Simple Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Ways to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

There are people in the world who seem to have no issues with solving problems. Any problem that comes their way they can look at it and come up with a solution effortlessly. For many others, finding themselves faced with a problem can be a catastrophe. If you happen to be one of them, don’t despair. It is possible to significantly improve your abilities in this area. Many of the ideas that follow you’ll laugh at. However, give them a try because they are designed to help you devise more strategic ways of thinking and train your brain to engage more.

Get a Good Night’ Sleep

woman sleeping

Your body goes through various sleeping and awake states, but it is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep which directly enhances the creative processing in the brain. It stimulates associative networks and allows the brain to make new and useful associations. There are various strategies you can try to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Give Your Brain a Workout

rubiks cube


Your brain requires exercise just as much as the rest of your body. How do you do that? By playing games which require mental agility such as chess, Sudoku, Rubik’s Cube or other brain-boosting games. An Escape Room is another way in which you can exercise your problem-solving skills, by cracking codes, solving puzzles and following clues to help you escape your adventure of choice.

Keep an Idea Journal

This is somewhere you can quickly record important thoughts, personal experiences and explore ideas. It is especially effective if you keep it with you at all times. Rather than having all your thoughts rattling around in your head, sorting them on paper will help you to work out problems. This is because you’ll be viewing them objectively.


Improve Your Problem Solving Skills using yoga

This is a form of exercise that combines body awareness, breathing, and meditation. These three features have been shown to significantly increase cognitive test scores. Other studies have shown improvements in reaction times, more accuracy and increased attention. You can practice it at home, with the help of an app, or look for yoga classes in your neighborhood.

Use Mind Maps

Using mind maps allows you to create a visual snapshot of a problem and its possible solutions. It also focuses the mind, stimulates the brain, increases its capacity for creative thinking and generates more ideas. Your problem is drawn as the central idea of your Mind Map, with main branches for all the reasons for the problem. Sub-branches are used to explore further details.

A couple more ideas to inspire you to include dancing your heart out. Dancing has a positive impact on neural processing. It is thought it can help to develop new neural pathways to go around dopamine-depleted blockages in the brain. Work out to some tunes is another idea work mentioning. Studies have shown that listening to music when working out stimulates and increases cognitive arousal and helps organize cognitive output. There are plenty more things you can try. There are even problem-solving workshops and courses for those of you who are really serious about improving this skill.

Moving from Hobby Blogger to Career Blogger A Guide

Moving from Hobby Blogger to Career Blogger: A Guide

There’s no denying that blogging is incredibly popular, and while many people dream of becoming a full-time blogger, working from wherever they wish, it’s not an easy career move. Whether you are currently a professional writer looking for a new challenge, or you blog on the side of your current job role, deciding to begin your own journey is scary and difficult. But, it’s not impossible. With the correct preparation and following a number of steps, you can move from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a career.

Start-up Capital

While you may be able to begin your budding blogging career from the comfort of your own home, there are a variety of things you need to get you started on the right foot, and this requires capital. For example, you may currently have a blogging platform, but does it portray the professional image you want? If not, you may need to invest in expert web design and development to create the perfect website. Start-up capital for a blogging career may not be as much as it would be for an eCommerce business, but there will be a certain amount you will need, and whether you choose to approach a family member or a bank for a loan, this is something you will need before you begin.

However, if you currently have a bad credit score, it can be difficult to secure investment, even if the investment you are seeking is small. If you are unsure of your credit score, and you are hoping to secure financial help, it’s worthwhile to use a free credit score checker, like the one available through Credit Sesame. Knowledge is power, so by being prepared and armed with the information you need, you have a better chance of receiving a loan to get you started.

Creating Your Website

As mentioned above, to become a professional, you need to look professional, and your website is the first port of call. You may currently use a blogging platform such as WordPress, but your very own website is where you can truly show off your creative skills and your writing portfolio. Whatever type of blogging professionally you aspire to be, whether it’s lifestyle, tech, or business, your website is where you can show off your expertise and create something memorable. Of course, you can use WordPress and create your custom domain name and site address, but this is for a fee of $99 per year. There is a variety of hosting websites where you can source a unique domain name and avoid generic web templates. By working with a professional website designer and developer in particular, you can ensure your website reflects the brand and persona you wish to reveal to the world.

Developing Your Brand

A brand is what will be your unique selling point when you are selling yourself as a blogger. Your brand is something you want people to remember; it needs to draw them in and keep them interested in what you have to offer. It’s your online, professional identity, and as such, it needs careful development and consideration. Your brand encompasses a range of features, which include the colors you use, your logo, your name, and essentially for the current consumer’s, your ethos. Your brand will form the basis of your blog tone of voice, it will create trust between you and your audience, and it provides a face and a personality to who you are. To create your brand identity, you need first to know your audience and who you are hoping to attract. For example, if you want young moms to visit your blog, having a black and red color scheme may be off-putting. Likewise, if you are creating a gaming blog for millennial males, pink hearts and flowers may not evoke the response you want.

Defining Your Niche

Much like your branding, your niche is where you are going to truly make your mark, so it stands to reason that this isn’t a decision to make quickly or take lightly. After all, if you begin your blogging career writing about the latest news in the tech industry, but decide you instead want to talk about interior design, you may need to overhaul your website and your branding. How to define your niche can be relatively simple. What are you truly passionate about? What gets you up in the morning, and makes you happy? If you choose a niche which doesn’t ignite a spark within, it’s all-too-easy to lose the motivation and determination to create award-winning content. While one blogging niche may appear to generate more revenue, this isn’t the best way to decide what to focus your efforts on. Just because blogs which focus analytical research on the latest stocks and trades is bringing in $1,000’s a month, doesn’t mean this is where you should place all your effort, especially if you know nothing about the industry! If you love reading and books, choose a book review blog, despite how much revenue you expect to make. After all, blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It requires dedicated time, effort, and sometimes money to get it off the ground and bringing in a healthy profit.

Growing Your Audience

How will your blog make any money if no one is visiting it? It’s a common query, and it’s one which needs addressing. By growing your audience, and continuing to expand, you can start to generate a healthy revenue, making this decision the best one you made. But first, you need to attract the audience. How you do this will depend on a number of factors, one being who your target audience is. You need to undertake specific market research to define who you want to share your content with, and who you want visiting your site. It’s similar to defining your niche, and it will stand you in good stead to do it earlier on in the development process. Where you reach your audience will also be determined by this. For example, are they young moms? If so, Facebook may be the best platform to market yourself on. Are they business professionals? LinkedIn is the way forward if yes.

Basel Responsive Blogger Template

Basel Responsive Blogger Template Installation Guide

Basel Responsive Blogger Template Installation Guide is to help you understand how you can easily your blog setup beautifully like our blog demo. This is a step to step documentation so you can set up all our custom blogger widgets such as a featured slider, homepage styles, undefined problem, Instagram Widget and many other social Widgets easily.

First of all, Thank you for Downloading our Basel Premium Blogger Theme if you haven’t done yet don’t worry you can get it from here: Basel Responsive Blogger Template. You check the live demo through the button below. Please Read this documentation carefully in order to set up your blog and please note that there’s no support for free users.

We also Provide Blogger Template Installation Service, if you’re not familiar with blogger installation or newbie blogger we provide the installation service, where our technical representative will setup your blog.



Basel Responsive Blogger Template Installation Guide Steps:-

1. Backup & Uploading

  1. Unzip the zip file.
  2. On Blogger Dashboard Click Template.
  3. Click on Download Full Template to keep your old template.
  4. Click Browse… button. Find where the “preium-baselfinal.xml” file location.
  5. Then Click Upload.
  6. Edit mobile Preview. (follow images)

Blogger template installation Backup/Restore Image


Blogger Mobile Setup Image

2. Basel Responsive Blogger Template Installation Guide & Blog Setting

After installing the theme, there are minimum settings to make all widgets work fine in this template.

  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Settings.
  2. Click Other.
  3. In Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed Choose Full.
  4. Then Click Save settings.

Blogger Blog Feed Image


3. Setting Up Meta Tags

For SEO Purpose, Meta Tags are very important for your site. Google Search Engine robots use this tags to index better and display better on the search result.

If you don’t know what these tags are and how you can use it in theme. Just follow this simple guide, we recommend you to use free Meta Tag Generator online tool to generate your Meta tags.

Meta Tag Generator Image

  1. It’s very simple, all you have to do is visit the link above and fill all the necessary details that describes your site and what keyword you want.
  2. Click Generate Meta tags.
  3. Copy all generated code & paste in your template head section. we have leave the space for that.
  4. Then Click Save Template.

4. How to solve Blank Post Problem

If you the template is installed successfully and you see blank posts when on homepage, then you need to add Google+ profile to your blog.

1. Just go to blogger setting
2. Then in Post setting and add your google+ profile there.

5. How to solve undefined Problem

If you’re seeing undefined undefined undefined in date area, then please follow the steps here to solve the blogger undefined problem.

6. Main Blogger Setting


  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  2. Click Edit on Blog Posts Widget.
  3. Change it to look like that image.
  4. Click Save



7. Main Navigation Mega Menu

<div class="menu-container" id="sticky">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="sixteen columns">

            <!-- Navigation List -->
            <div class="table">
                <nav id="primary_nav_wrap">
                    <ul class="bt-nav navlist submenu">
                        <li><a href='/'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Download</a></li>
  <li><a href=''>Pages</a>
              <ul class="submenu"><li><a href=''>About us</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Page 1</a></li>

<li class='megamenu col-no'><a href=''>Simple Post</a><!-- Megamenu Starts-->
                <script class='java' type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
                  var numpostsmenu = 4;
                  var outerclass = "sub-menu";
var starttags = "<li class='menu-small-post col-3-12'>";
                  var endtags = "</li>";
                  var intag = "div";
                <script class='java' src='/feeds/posts/default/-/simple?alt=json-in-script&callback=labelthumbs' type='text/javascript'></script>
              </li><!-- Megamenu Ends-->

<li class='megamenu col-no'><a href='#'>Fashion</a><!-- Megamenu Starts-->
                <script class='java' type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
                  var numpostsmenu= 4;
                  var outerclass = "sub-menu";
var starttags = "<li class='menu-small-post col-3-12'>";
                  var endtags = "</li>";
                  var intag = "div";
                <script class='java' src='/feeds/posts/default/-/featured?alt=json-in-script&callback=labelthumbs' type='text/javascript'></script>
              </li><!-- Megamenu Ends-->

<li><a href="#">Categories</a>


            <ul class="sub-menu">
                <li><a href="">Beauty</a></li>
                <li><a href="">Fashion</a></li>
<li><a href="">Blog Tips</a></li>






image for blogger megamenu

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Menu Widget.
  • Add The Following Code.
  • For More Information- Watch Video Below

Blogger Label For menu



8. Hide/Show Sidebar on Homepage

When you first install this theme, you’ll see Modern Grid Style with no sidebar. By Default sidebar is Disabled from the homepage. But you can easily Enable it with Our Theme Options Panel.

This feature is available on premium version only

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Show Sidebar (Default N )
  • To Show sidebar just type “y” (without quotes)( Note: Make sure it is small y not capital.
  • And To Hide it again just type “n” (without quotes)( Note: Make sure it is small n not capital.
  • Click Save.


9. How to Add featured Slider

Head over to our how to add a featured slider small guide. You’ll be easily adding amazing featured slider in your blog.

10. How to Change featured Slider Styles

As you may know, this modern grid blog has two slider styles one is Simple Default Slider Design and the Other One is Premium Slider Style.(Premium Feature).

If you don’t see any theme option widgets, to change homepage styles and slider style widget. Then follow this guide to solve blogger layout problem.

Simple Default Slider

It is default layout when you install the theme for the first time this is the style that would show up on the homepage.

basel default slider

Premium Slider Style

This Slider Style is available in Premium Version of Modern Grid Blogger Template. Not Available in Free Version.

basel blogger premium slider

Basel Premium Sider Style– TO Activate This style you need to add our “style2” shortcode in Hompage Style widget from layout section.

  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Slider Styles Widget.
  • Just Use “style2” ( without quotes).
  • Click Save.

amazine modern style widget


11. Social Widgets

Get the Code for social widget from our Blush Blogger Template Installation. Check after the point no. 12 Blogger Social Widgets

12.How to Add social links

With Our Modern Grid blogger template, you can easily add any type of social links in Footer area.


  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on top-social-foot & top-social-home (Social Link) Widget.
  • Change it according to your needs. Add name of the link and link url then click add Link
  • Click Save.
  • You can find social site name here : Font Awesome Icons
  • Just Search For Particular Social And Add that in Site Name Section

For Example if you have to add “facebook” icon then just add facebook in name of New site name section and below add url of that particular site.

social link widget image


13. Instagram Widget For Footer

To show Instagram photos on your blog you need to generate the access token for Instagram, we have provided a guide in depth so you can understand. Here’s how you can add instagram widget in blogger.

14. Mailchimp Widget for blogger

13. Instagram Widget For Footer

This is Widget for Mailchimp Subscription which will allow you to easily increase your subscription and send awesome email to your user for free.

If you don’t wish to use this widget then do not add the following code.

  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  2. Click Mailchimp widget Section and edit the widget and add the following code

Step 1: Click on Edit on mailchimp Widget

Step 2: Add the following code for Subscription form


<div class="post_author">

<!-- Begin MailChimp Signup Form -->
<h3 class="heading-border">Join Our Madness- MailChimp Newsletter!</h3>

Join with Thousands Of Subscribers ! Get Our Latest Articles Delivered to Your email Inbox!

<div class="subs-foot">

<div id="mc_embed_signup">


<form id="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" class="validate" action="//;id=647baeae01" method="post" name="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" target="_blank">&nbsp;
<div id="mc_embed_signup_scroll">

<input id="mce-EMAIL" class="email" name="EMAIL" type="email" value="" placeholder="email address" /> <!-- real people should not fill this in and expect good things - do not remove this or risk form bot signups-->
<div style="position: absolute; left: -5000px;" aria-hidden="true"><input tabindex="-1" name="b_e7fd30673f6532475252841f7_7d8c36f9d2" type="text" value="" /></div>
<input id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button" name="subscribe" type="submit" value="Subscribe" />




<div class="clear"></div>


You can setting and read more about mailchimp form here: Mailchimp Signup Form.

Step 1: Sign In mailchimp account & Create List First

Step 2: Copy All the code and paste it any notepad first and then copy the highlighted part and replace with ours.





Free Stylish Font Style – GRAVITY DISPLAY FONT is a beautiful geometric based typeface, according to the designer galaxy is the inspiration for the Amazing font. It has a strong decorative proximity, with a fixed, geometric outline. Its unique shape and symmetries give the font a powerful, cosmic and dynamic feel. Ideal for perfect headlines, logos, identity, short sentences, and product branding.


It is a single-weight typeface that includes:

Free Stylish Font Style Uppercase


Free Stylish Font Style Numerals

Free Stylish Font Style Numerals

If you want you can get the many similar premium fonts directly from Here.

There are several similar looking fonts, for a lightweight handwriting font script then you should also take a look at Kadisoka font & Hammock Handmade Font can also be a good choice if you’re more like into vintage fonts with brush effect.



know your wordpress theme safe

How to Know If Your WordPress Theme is Safe

Hackers have been looking for weaknesses to exploit in their effort to infect websites and users’ computers with malware. Hackers have likewise been exploiting WordPress themes offered to bloggers who unknowingly install plugins and code on their websites. Here is advice on how to know if your WordPress theme is safe.

Use Reputable Websites

One of the simplest solutions is relying on websites that test and verify the quality of WordPress themes to find WordPress themes for your own website. There are a few free options on these websites, so you don’t have to trade off cost for quality, or in this case, safety. Note that you’ll want to do an internet search on the quality of the “reputable” website, since they may virus scan the themes for malware but let badly coded products be uploaded as safe.

Manually Review the Theme Files

If you’re looking at the WordPress theme’s associated files, you may be able to see obvious added, malicious files. You could find backlinks to a malicious website when you review the footer.php file or style.css file. However, this isn’t something most bloggers and hobby website admins have the training to do, though someone who has completed an online master of science in information security from Norwich University would.

Virus Scan It

You can run a virus scan of downloads as a check for malicious code. Do this after you’ve downloaded the zip file but before you open it. You can also use reputable antivirus websites to scan the zip file of the WordPress theme. Another option is using the Theme Authenticity Checker to scan the theme for the unwanted code. This is the last resort, though, since you have to upload the theme to your website before you can run the check – and now you have to clean up the website or your system if it did contain malicious code.

If you’ve already installed the WordPress theme and you’re unsure of its safety, use the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic followed by your website name to let them virus scan it. The side benefit of this process is that it can tell the difference between malicious code and merely bad code that causes problems in its own right. Norwich University Online offers training in how to check existing websites and files for malicious code as well as how to debug sites.

A better choice is ThemeCheck; this service can scan for both IT security concerns and bad code. Another benefit of this site is that you can search for the WordPress theme by name and see if others have reported security concerns about it. Security can be used to scan a WordPress theme zip file as well as a website that already has the theme installed on it.

The first step would be to use reputable websites that vet themes as the source of the WordPress themes for your website. Another option is searching the internet to look for complaints about the security of the theme. Manually reviewing the theme file may reveal an obvious hack. Scanning it or using a third-party service to scan it for malicious code is the safer choice.



iPhone X PSD MOCKUP FREE Collection, Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone X, 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phone on 12th of September. With Aesthetic Bazel less Screen, beautifully designed Glass on the back cover looks more appealing and come in a new glossy jet black color, gold and white which attracts many mockup designers.

Following are some realistic looking FREE PSD Mockup of iPhone X to showcase your creative graphic design work/ APP, mobile website, and any other graphics project. All Mockup templates mention below are free and you can use it on any of your projects.

Looking for laptop, notebook and iphone PSD mockups then you can check our FREE LAPTOP MOCKUP PSD TEMPLATE PACK 2 or IPHONE 7 & 7 PLUS FREE PSD MOCKUP COLLECTION

iPhone X PSD MOCKUP with Changeable Color


iPhone X PSD MOCKUP black color

iPhone X Perspective Mockup


Free PSD Mockup Template Tutorial

    1. Just Open the file in Photoshop.
    2. In right hand side you’ll see smart object thumbnail.

Smart Object Psd Image

  1. Double Click on this layer 1 and it will open new window.
  2. Paste your Design there, which you would like to show in devices.
  3. Save your design.

Format: Layered PSD
Smart Objects: Yes
Minimum Photoshop Version: CS3


Download your Files from link below

  1. iPhone X Mockup Changeable Color
  2. iPhone X Jet Black 7 FREE PSD mockups
  3. iPhone X Perspective Mockup


improve facebook marketing

How Can You Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest platform that ever ventures in this digital realm. Currently, Facebook has 1.86 Billions of users are actively using Facebook. In Internet Marketing Field, social media platform has been growing in the ways that no other platform had grown ever. This has made Facebook as one of the biggest online marketing platforms as well. Due to the reachability of this incredible platform, it has become a common practice to design a separate marketing strategy for Facebook.

In this post, I will give you simple yet effective new methods to improve Facebook marketing more effective than ever.

So, let’s get started,

Improve facebook marketing

Let Your Personality come through Every Post

It is a very interesting point that most of the big corporate companies have leveraged the opportunity of effectively being presented on Facebook.

It is to be believed that by showing your personal side through entertaining posts and pages have a deeper impact on the viewers hence creating a highly engaging campaign that connects well with the customers.

A quick tip suggests investing the time by the split percentage of 80/20. In this concept, you have to invest 80 percent of your time in your core business post and hardcore promotion. Then, you just need to mix things up in the rest of 20 percent.

In this 20 percent, you have to show exactly that personal side, I had been talking about. Keep your post entertaining and engaging and rest of the things will give you all the idea what you need to improve or continue.

Create New Content In Variety Of Ways

You need to make sure that your content always educates your viewers. And with the introduction of social media, it is important to not just educate, but also entertain and empowers your fan following. This will ensure that your users will be engaged and keep coming back.

The simplest way of doing it is mixing your blog with blog posts, videos, and podcasts. This will regularly drive the traffic from your Facebook page to your website.

Make sure to keep the track of everything with an editorial calendar. That will help you to keep the record of posted blogs and scheduled blogs also for future.

Engage in Conversation

It must have happened to you at least once in your lifetime. You didn’t talk to your friend for a long time. Now you are eager to talk to him/her, so you give him/her a call. When he/she picked it up, you said, “Hey, what’s up!!” and then you hang up the call. Wouldn’t that be odd? Of course, that is.

Believe it or not, you had been continuously doing that for a long time with your facebook post and you didn’t even notice that. Remember this, the success enchant to a successful Facebook marketing Campaign is “Post and Don’t Ditch”. Yes, you heard it. It is about indulging in conversation with your viewers via Facebook post’s comment box.

Believe it or not, people just love to talk a lot about themselves. So, you need to design your blog post in such a way that your viewer can’t just resist not to post a comment on your post. Then you need to be in the conversation with them to encourage them to stay in touch. That is the true way to keep them close to you and your company brand.

Start Out With Simple Calls To Action

Facebook is popular because it gives you ample of opportunities to create happy relations with your prospects. It also to be believed that it is an ideal platform to motivate your viewers to keep them motivated enough to act on certain calls.

First, You need to create engaging and educating content. Content can be in the form of videos, posts, or audios. They must be related to the niche of your business. You just need to be smart enough to motivate the users to act upon your call for “Watch This Video” or “Must Read” type call to actions. The good quality of content will make sure to your viewers that you consistently post quality content and you always act like an authority. Isn’t that exactly what you want from them to turn them into potential customers of your company? Yes!!!

Make It Easy To Spread The Word.

Various Studies have shown that Social Media audience trusts their peers and friends more than they trust the brands. So, what leaves us here? You need to make the content available to share with your viewers so that it can spread easily on his Facebook wall and then his peers be also made aware automatically just by his share on Facebook and then the cycle goes on and on.

The best way of doing this is by availing your viewer a contest or promotion that will reward the viewer for sharing the content. This is the most effective way of letting your viewer share your content willingly. This will leave their peers to share the same interest as they do.

In the End

So, these are the methods that will improve your Facebook marketing campaigns and help you grow your business to new heights. Allow me to provide you a quick flashback of what we have discussed above,

  • Let Your Personality come through Every Post.
  • Create New Content In Variety Of Ways.
  • Engage in Conversation.
  • Start Out With Simple Calls To Action.
  • Make It Easy To Spread The Word.

Whilst doing this, Other Social media like an Instagram, and its marketing strategy to increase Instagram followers can also be helpful to improve your social media presence.

I hope you like my post. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Have a great day ahead.

worpress web development

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress Web Development

In the blogging world, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to reckon with. This CMS – Content management system – which was primarily designed for blogging now, powers millions of large and small websites around the globe. Even enterprise level sites are not left out, as it also holds to capacity to power them.

Most Content Management Systems available today are highly becoming flexible and customizable, of which WordPress is chief. Due to its overwhelming flexibility, extensibility and outstanding ability to support businesses with adequate opportunities to scale, WordPress has risen to become very much popular. With its ability to support eCommerce, WordPress has experienced tremendous transformation over time.

Introduced as a simple blogging site in 2003, WordPress has risen to become a dominant open source web development platform. It has gone from being a mere ubiquitous blogging site to the world’s most popular content management system. WordPress web development has been sought after by Fortune 500 companies such as eBay and UPS, notable music icons such as Katy Perry and Jay-Z, and Topnotch publications such as CNN and The New York Times.

If you are looking to build a new website, here are some undeniable reasons why you should consider WordPress web development.

Easy to Use

WordPress is very easy to understand and easy to use. Even if you don’t have a web development company or a programmer on staff to assist you and you are unfamiliar with content management systems, it’s interesting to know that you can still build a professional looking website with WordPress.

Unlike its competitors, WordPress is renowned for its significant ease of use particularly in terms of administration. It has a much more intuitive administrative interface. With just a little effort you can install plugins and add content. Generally, using WordPress is both quick and simple.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to rely on a web development company or be dependent on a web programmer to build a website on WordPress. Adding, editing, or removing content, images, and videos can be easily done with just a few clicks. All you simply need to do is to log in to your dashboard and carry on from there.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


seo concept with bulb and gears

Inherently, WordPress is not built to be SEO-friendly, but you can fix this yourself through various ways. The WordPress platform is enhanced with a good number of efficient SEO plugins and extensions that can be used to enhance SEO on any site without much stress. Apart from being very effective, these tools are also very easy to configure.

Many WordPress websites are designed to be SEO friendly, thanks to the availability of simple and constant codes that make them suitable for Google indexing. Also, these components help to enhance customizability for pages that may require high ranking in search engines.

Customizable Themes

Themes allow you to make quick changes on your website design. Make your site look fresh and dynamic with attractive WordPress themes. In a bid to make the platform look more robust and highly useful, several web development companies and enthusiasts have worked together to provide users with an ample supply of customizable themes. Depending on your choice and convenience, there are several options of ready WordPress themes available that can be downloaded. Apart from helping to give your website a fresh look, you are bound to create a highly functional site through this simple process.

Strong Community Support

Worpress Community

One of the most apparent reasons for using WordPress is its strong level of community support. When compared to other platforms, this platform tends to be overwhelmingly supported by a thriving, engaged community. According to a recent survey, about 27 percent of the websites on the internet is managed by WordPress. A large community has been thriving on WordPress due to the large about of users. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of enthusiasts, developers, and designers out there to help if you get stuck.

Extend Your Site’s Functionality with Plugins

Just so you know, WordPress has millions of plugins that can effectively extend the functionality of any site. Whether you are looking to turn your site into an online store, track metrics for your site, do a podcast or integrate social media, there are pretty good chances that you find a plugin for any task you want to perform on WordPress. With these options, you can easily customize your site however you want to and this can be done with just a few clicks of a button.

Built-in and Ready to Go Blog

wordpress post dashboard

Blogging capabilities on WordPress are built-in and very easy to integrate as this is what the platform was originally created for. As a matter of fact, you can easily add the most recent blog posts to other of your site’s pages, set up comment capabilities and RSS/email subscriptions to your blog. This can go a long way in making your site highly interactive and even more dynamic.

Regular Updates

As an open source web development platform, WordPress provides ample opportunities for modification. Unlike websites created on sophisticated platforms, you can easily add new features and functionalities on your WordPress-based site without having to pass through any stress. In just 3 easy steps you can easily install the relevant plugins. Furthermore, the design and development community constantly provide users with credible feedback, improvements, and updates on new features and functionality.

Gain Full Control of Your Site

You stand to have full control of your site when you build it on WordPress. In fact, you need little or no support from a web development company to run your WordPress-based site. You can easily make simple updates to your site without having to wait for your web designer. Almost every aspect of your site can be controlled on WordPress.

Search Engines Love WordPress Sites


Most WordPress-based sites tend to have well-structured content and they’re also frequently updated. To this end, they often get meaningful ranking on search engines like Google. When compared to a static website, a WordPress site tends to rank very quickly on Google. In case you do not know, this can give you an edge over your competitors. As a matter of fact, Google even recommends WordPress for business sites.

No Code Required

wordpress code

As a self-contained system, managing WordPress does not require the knowledge of any HTML editing or FTP software, such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute. You can easily upload image galleries, video files, documents, images, format text, create new blog posts or pages and even edit them without having the need for additional FTP or HTML software.